Plation RainPC, turning rainwater into drinking water












Throughout the world, the importance of harvested rainwater, as a private source of both drinking and household water, is growing fast. Rainwater for people in the developing world is a heaven sent solution to the shortage of clean and fresh drinking water. Whereas, in the industrialised world, with its drinking water on tap, rainwater is mostly used as a low quality supplement to the mains supply.

Too precious to let slip through our fingers

The use of harvested rainwater is becoming yet more important with yhe realisation that fresh water is a precious resource. The need to switch to more sustainable options increase. Rainwater harvesting is such an option but rain, collected straight from the roof and stored is not clean and fresh. In fact it is almost certain to contain microbial contaminants. Water in most rainwater cachment and storage sytems will contain bacteria, which stains the lavatory and contaminates the system, posing a potential health risk.

Every cloud burst needs a silver lining

To combat this problem, AquaEst Europe developed the Plation RainPC MK II. This compact water treatment unit turns rainwater into safe drinking water at point-of-use. The Plation RainPC uses a unique, natural and sustainable silver and copper ionizationprocess.

Plation RainPC

In the Rain PC system, rainwater is purified by means of multi-stage and multi-media filtration. It’s a three-stage filtration system using 80 micron and 10 micron pre-filters along with an activated carbon filter in which the colloidal silver-ceramic balls and metallic copper are embedded. The RainPC eliminates (pathogenic) bacteria and organic and inorganic pollutants/contaminants.

  • Offers independence from piped, trucked and bottled water
  • Suitable for individual homes and small communities
  • Purification by means of multi-stage and multi-media filtration
  • Eliminates contaminants present in rooftop-rainwater, like bacteria, organic and inorganic pollutants and heavy metals like lead, copper, zinc and cadmium.
  • Slow upward flow through the RainPC  filter secures even distribution through its filter elements
  • Operates at low gravity pressure as well as pump pressure up to 6 bar
  • Water flow 4 litre/min
  • Service life: cartridge 150.000 litres, MF filter 50.000 litres, pre-filter approx. 30.000 litres, dependent on the extent of pollution
  • ​Easy to install, operate, maintain and replace filter elements