Plation In-line Filters provide safe, clean and fresh drinking water









Plation PIF filters are specially developed for installation in water pipe systems. They are designed to extract fine particles and bacteria from water supplies, both from storage tanks and mains water, at the point of use. The activated carbon filter is filled with silver ceramic balls. Silver ionization will load activated carbon continuously with silver ions preventing bacterial growth on the carbon, which usually occurs when activated carbon filters are not in use.

Plation filters provide in combination with Plation floats, used in a fresh water storage tank, the optimum Plation purification and protection against water contamination and pollution.

Plation PIF filters

  • Bottled water quality from the tap
  • Optimum purification and protection treatment when used with Plation floats in storage tank
  • Filters out and eliminates bacteria and pollutants from drinking water
  • Silver colloidal balls keep filter bacteria free
  • Easy to install using standard fittings
  • Improves taste and eliminates odours
  • Meets WHO drinking water guidelines
  • Filters available with capacity from 7,500 up to 150.000 litre
  • Service life per filter type determined by maximum amount of water to be terated, but maximum 2 years