Plation purifies, preserves and protects the quality of water

Plation products are designed to provide a simple solution to the problem of keeping water clean, fresh and safe at the point of use. Specially manufactured ceramic balls coated with colloidal silver form the core of Plation technology and led to the development of AquaEst's Plation products. They include Plation Floats, Potable Water Filters and Harvested Rainwater Filtration.

Silver ionization - Ancient Technology Re-invented

The use of silver, as a water purification technique, goes back millennia and is a proven method of eliminating bacteria and algae. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans are known to have used silver containers to make water safe to drink. Silver is a widely used antibacterial agent. A safe non-chemical agent, which eliminates microbial contamination.



How does it works?

  • Hardened ceramic balls coated with colloidal silver release at slow and steady rate silver ions into the water
  • Inhibit bacteria reproduction
  • Residual disinfectant value to water whilst in storage
  • Safe, long-lasting antimicrobial technology



A responsible choice

The Plation technology (silver disinfection) has been successfully tested by the certified Water Laboratory of Vitens Water supply company. The results prove that Plation products fulfil the Dutch Drinking Water standard and WHO Guidelines for E-coli bacteria (<1/100ml), preventing bacterial growth and preserving stored drinking water over long periodes, keeping it safe and also, equally important, tasting well (not stale).

Plation Products

  • Do not introduce chemicals into the water and leave no taste, smell or colour.
  • ​Require no electricity and hardly any maintenance.
  • ​Give added bacterial safety to stored rooftop-harvested rainwater and public water as well as water pipe systems.
  • ​Can also be used to complement and provide residual disinfection to RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultra-Violet) appliances, preventing biological fouling of RO membranes and eliminating bacteria, which may go unseen by UV rays.
  • When combined with activated carbon filters like in Plation In-Line filters, possible growth of bacteria on the surface of the activated carbon is prevented and residual disinfection provided..
  • Tests prove Plation can be used as preventive measure against growth of Legionella bacteria.
  • The colloidal silver coated ceramic balls are effective for a period for up to one to two years when used in water storage tanks.
  • Service life in flowing water situations will depend on the quantity of water treated per hour.

Test results

Test results Plation