Simplicity in pure water solutions

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AquaEst is an innovative and international operating development and trade company providing products and services for sustainable drinking water solutions. Our aim is to create and supply sustainable product solutions for the world shortage of drinking water.

We have a focus on purification and preservation of drinking water and are committed to providing simple and effective solutions at an affordable price, giving access to safe drinking water in developing, industrialising and industrialised countries. Our technology and products are mainly developed for:

1. Rainwater harvesting 
Turning rainwater into high quality drinking water based on a unique, natural and sustainable silver and copper ionizationprocess. We provide knowledge, technology and products for end to end rainwater harvesting systems for 

  • Schools
  • Small (rural) communities
  • Individual households
  • Companies

2. Preservation and protection of stored drinking water
With our technology and products we are able to create long-term preservation and protection of stored drinking water for various applications

  • Household  => (rooftop) watertanks
  • Industrial  => remote mining complexes, transport vessels, off shore oil platforms
  • Humanitarian => schools, small villages, refugee camps
  • Recreational  => boats and motorhomes

Plation purifies, protects and preserves the quality of drinking water

  • Sustainable solution for safe, clean and fresh drinking water
  • Eliminates bacteria and prevents microbial growth in tanks
  • No chemicals or electricity needed
  • Leaves no taste, smell or colour in the water
  • Easy to install and use
  • Effective service life: one to two years

AquaEst Europe  operates independently and in partnership with parties who share common values. 
AquaEst Europe is a member of IRCSA (International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association)